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Asia Premiere Concert (DVD)Kevin Kern

Artista: Kevin Kern
Nombre: Asia Concierto Premiere
Año: 2002
País: Japón
Estilo: New age, Piano

track listing
1. We All Fall In Love Sometimes - from "IN MY LIFE"
2. Through The Arbor - from "IN THE ENCHANTED GARDEN"
3. Out of The Darkness Into The Light - from "FREEDOM TO LOVE"
4. Dance Of The Dragonfly - from "SUMMER DAYDREAMS"
5. Sundial Dreams - from "IN THE ENCHANTED GARDEN"
6. Return To Love - from "SUMMER DAYDREAMS"
7. Blossom On The Wind - from "EMBRACING THE WIND"
8. Through Your Eyes - from "EMBRACING THE WIND"
9. Childhood Remembered - from "EMBRACING THE WIND"
10. From This Day Forward - from "EMBRACING THE WIND"
11. Tomorrow's Promise - from "IN MY LIFE"
12. Summer Daydreams - from "SUMMER DAYDREAMS"
13. Threads Of Light - from "BEYOND THE SUNDIAL"
14. The Enchanted Garden - from "IN THE ENCHANTED GARDEN"
15. Touch The Sky - from "IN MY LIFE"

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