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14-Yuhki Kuramoto-Stories Cover Version [Disc 1]

Yuhki Kuramoto-Stories Cover Version [Disc 1]

Audio Cd
New Age

1.You can only see
2.The theme of Arthur
4.Towed afternoon
5.Love does not disappear
6.Love is blind
8.On Golden Pond Golden Pond
9.That Thing You Do
10.Hold On Together presumption Huy
11.Tou Love You More
12.A wish on a star
13.Moa Once Yesterday (unpublished Sutoringusuvajon)

295-Emiri Miyamoto - Smile

Emiri Miyamoto-Smile

Audio Cd
New Age

1.Le premier amour
2.Slavische fantasie
3.Ave maria
4.Passion cachee
6.Avane pour une infante defunte
7.Anthology without words for solo violin and strings orchestra 1.rest
8.Anthology without words for solo violin and strings orchestra 2.soul
9.Anthology without words for solo violin and strings orchestra 3.selence
10.Anthology without words for solo violin and strings orchestra 4.affection
11.Polovestian dance
12.Jesu. joy of man's desiring
13.The third man

Emiri Miyamoto-Dream

Emiri Miyamoto-Dream

Audio Cd
New Age

3.Ave maria
4.Inochi no hoshi
5.Yume ~ tenchijin kikou
6.Houren ~ tenchijin kikou
7.Kizuna ~ tenchijin kikou
8.Inori ~ tenchijin kikou
10.Tsu no seikaku teki na mazuruka ~ obertas
11.Thais no meisou kyoku
12.Violin sonata daiyongakushou allegretto mosso porco
15.Break (piano accompaniment version)

252-Tim Janis-Etain

Tim Janis-Etain

Audio Cd
New Age

1.A Spell is Cast
2.In the Wind Above the Sea
3.The Weary Heart
5.The Cup of Wine
6.The Time Between
7.The Chieftain's Daughter
8.The Time Between-Reprise
9.The Meeting at the Well
10.A Wedding Feast in Eochaid's Court
12.A Walk in the Woods
13.A Game of Chess
14.High Stakes
15.Angry Waiting
16.To the Center
17.The Flight of Swans
18.The Chieftain's Daughter-Reprise

02-Tim Janis-Gift Of The Hear

Tim Janis-Gift Of The Hear

Audio Cd
New Age

1.Come Home to Me
2.Against the Rising Moon
3.Memories of the Rhine
4.Cape Lookeout
5.Tracing the Wind6.Unfolding Splendor
7.Gifts of the Heart
8.Along the Rocky Coast
9.Very Essence of You, The10.Glimmering Over the Sea11.Heart's Rest
12.Wonder Beyond Words
13.Clearer the Stars Never Shone14.Angel's Lullaby

284-Tim Janis-Life Songs

Tim Janis-Life Songs

Audio Cd
New Age

1.Ever Enchanted
2.Closer Side of Forever, The
3.Surrounding Wonder
4.Angel's Lullaby (Piano Reprise)
5.Only the Stars Behold Us
6.Soft Glow of Twilight, The
7.Close to My Heart
8.Floating Moon
9.Beyond, Be Thee Still
10.Quiet Morning Meadow
11.Windy Blue Sea, The
12.Sails the Fading Sun
13.Where Dreams Begin (Piano Reprise)
14.Here and Ever After

286-Acoustic Cafe-For Your Tears

Acoustic Cafe-For Your Tears

Audio Cd
New Age

1.Londonderry Air (Traditional)
2.Scarborough Fair (Saimon & Garfunkel)
3.La fille aux cheveux de lin (Claude Debussy)
4.Fantasia on 'Greensleeves' (Vaughn Williams)
5.Tears (Yuri Hiranuma)
6.Sem Voce (Antonio Carlos Jobim)
7.Horizon (Norihiro Tsuru)
8.Dance of the Blessed Spirits (C.W.Gluck)
9.Schindler’s List (John Williams)
10.Hope for Tomorrow (Norihiro Tsuru)
11.Ovlivion~Primavera portena (Astor Piazzolla)
12.Boribat (Yun Yongha)



Audio Cd
New Age

1.For Me
7.Forgiving ~ Guitar
8.Memory of Happiness

213-David Garret – Classic Romance

David Garret – Classic Romance

Audio Cd

Genero: New Age

1.Antonin Dvorak, Humoresque
2.Jules Massenet, Meditation
3.Pjotr Iljitsch Tschaikowski, None But the Lonely Heart
4.Franz Schubert, Serenade
5.Pablo De Sarasate, Zigeunerweisen 1 Moderato
6.Pablo De Sarasate, Zigeunerweisen 2 Un Peu Plus Lent
7.Pablo De Sarasate, Zigeunerweisen 3 Allegro Molto Vivace
8.Edward Elgar, Salut D’amour
9.Serge Bachmaninoff, Vocalise
10.Mendelssohn Violin Concerto 1, Allegro Molto Appasionato
11.Mendelssohn Violin Concerto 2, Andante
12.Mendelssohn Violin Concerto 3, Allegro Molto Vivace

119-Zen Relaxation Series - CD5 - Tranquil Dreams

Zen Relaxation Series - CD5 - Tranquil Dreams

Audio Cd
New Age

1.Earth Element SPA(Sleep easyily)
2.Water Element SPA(Sleep easyily)

71-Zen Relaxation Series - CD4 - Zen Harmony

Zen Relaxation Series - CD4 - Zen Harmony

Audio Cd
New Age

2.Gathering Qi
3.The gate to life
4.Moving like a cloud
5.Fragrance drifting
6.Flowing into the sea

121-Zen Relaxation Series - CD3 - Healing For The Wounded Soul

Zen Relaxation Series - CD3 - Healing For The Wounded Soul

Audio Cd
New Age

1.Moonlight frontier
3.Circle of Love
4.Corners of the city
5.Wings of silence
6.Dove dance
7.Keep you accompanied
8.In the dream
9.Leisure time
10.Waiting for the Dawn
11.First blossoming
12.River of light

120-Zen Relaxation Series - CD2 - Embracing the Love Within

Zen Relaxation Series - CD2 - Embracing the Love Within

Audio Cd
New Age

1.The Dance of Cherry Blossoms
2.The flowers of Man
3.On the pictorial floor
4.The rain of shooting stars
5.Wings of Dream
6.The winter sun
7.Echoing Stone
8.Dancing flowers
9.The slope of green grass
10.Afternoon walk
11.Song in the legend
12.The sea of the seven stars

89-Zen Relaxation Series - CD1 - Energy Rejuvenation

Zen Relaxation Series - CD1 - Energy Rejuvenation

Audio Cd
New Age

1.Meet the Sky
3.Leaving Taipei on a Trip
4.Swimming Joyfully with Whales and Dolphins
5.Song of Night Owl
6.Winter Dance from the Great Cormorant
7.The Nearest Heaven
8.Dancing Butterflies
9.Green Green Plain
10.Good Day
12.Spring Water

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74-Songs From The Heart - Celtic Woman

Songs From The Heart
Celtic Woman

Audio CD (January 26, 2010)
Original Release Date
: January 26, 2010
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Manhattan Records

1. Fields Of Gold 3:49
2.Amazing Grace 4:58
3.Níl Sé'n Lá 3:37
4.My Lagan Love 2:52
5.When You Believe 4:30
6.The New Ground / Isle Of Hope, Isle Of Tears 6:41
7.The Coast Of Galiçia 3:38
8.Non C'è Più 4:50
9.The Moon's A Harsh Mistress 3:16
10.You'll Be In My Heart 4:03
11.Goodnight My Angel 3:14
12.Galway Bay 4:16
13.The Lost Rose Fantasia 2:19
14.O, America! 3:51
15.Carolina Rua 3:27
16.Danny Boy (Live From Powerscourt House And Gardens) 3:23

09-VA - Lullaby - A Windham Hill Collection - Disc 2 (Instrumental)

VA - Lullaby - A Windham Hill Collection - Disc 2 (Instrumental)

Audio Cd
New Age

Disc 2 (Instrumental)

01. Rock-A-Bye Baby - Jim Brickman
02. The Light and the Longing - Lisa Lynne
03. Lullaby - George Winston
04. Shiny Shell Lullaby - Keola Beamer
05. Little Stars - Jim Brickman
06. Lullaby with Louisa - Thea Suits
07. Three Little Nieces - Nightnoise
08. 1st Gymnopedie for Piano - Tim Story
09. Night Prayer - Jim Brickman
10. Children's Song - Oystein Sevag
11. Sung to Sleep - Michael Manring
12. She Describes Infinity - Scott Cossu
13. Peace Piece - Liz Story
14. Peace of Mind - Schonherz and Scott
15. A Region of Clouds - Will Ackerman
16. Cadenza - Ludovico Einaudi

13-VA - Lullaby - A Windham Hill Collection - Disc 1 (Vocal)

VA - Lullaby - A Windham Hill Collection - Disc 1 (Vocal)

Audio Cd
New Age

Disc 1 (Vocal)

01. Hush Li'l Baby - Jim Brickman with Carly Simon
02. Takes My Breath Away - Tuck & Patti
03. Lullaby - Barbara Higbie
04. End of the Evening - Nightnoise
05. The Shores of the Swilly - Phil Coulter feat. Sinead O'Connor
06. Sedona - Therese Schroeder-Sheker
07. I See the Moon - Jim Brickman
08. The Rose of Tralee - Nightnoise
09. Cradle with Love - Samite
10. Montanhas No Ceu - Flora Purim, Airto & Diana Moreira
11. Carolina - Patty Larkin
12. Love Never Fails - Jim Brickman feat. Amy Sky

275-In Wonder - The Narrow Road To The Deep North

In Wonder
The Narrow Road To The Deep North

Audio CD (January 1, 1991)
Original Release Date: January 1, 1991
Format: Live
Label: New Earth Records

Este álbum combina canciones de amor mística e instrumental . 28 músicos de 11 países diferentes contribuyeron a la música, que es la apertura del corazón y mediativa, con una fresca brisa de Osho la visión global. El instrumental títulos fueron grabados en directo en presencia de la mística contemporánea de Osho en la India.

1. The Empty Heart 3:15
2. Never Born, Never Died 3:32
3. In Wonder 6:25
4. Moonlit Plum Tree 2:51
5. Meera's Dance 4:28
6. Entering The Mystery 3:14
7. If You Don't Fight With Life 5:36
8. The Narrow Road To The Deep North 5:28
9. Wild Birds 3:18
10. Cloud Over Lotus 6:46
11. In The Light 7:53
12. Heart Like The Sun 4:35

232 - 1227 - Nature's Spa: Nurturing Rain - Dan Gibson

Nature's Spa: Nurturing Rain
Dan Gibson

Audio CD (February 16, 2001)
Original Release Date:
December 16, 2003
Number of Discs: 1
Format: Enhanced, Import
Label: Solitudes

Tracks:1. Splendor 7:24
2. Whispers of Rain 6:49
3. Silver Days 7:07
4. Refuge from the Storm 7:20
5. Translucence 6:09
6. Natural Grace 6:52
7. Renewal 6:44
8. Illumination 7:32

230-VA-Heat Is On 2007

VA-Heat Is On 2007

Audio Cd
New Age

01. Heaven 选自「翡翠谷」
02. The fate of the world's goddess 选自「布兰诗歌」
03. Summer Presto 选自「四季」
04. Hope that the hill 选自「畅」
05. Morning the moon 选自「幸福之初」
06.1000 ideas 选自「艾拉精灵的秘密」
07. Fairyland forest 选自「舒」
08. Angel's Dance 选自「阳光·拉丁·张中立」
09.Chegou (Para Arthur) 选自「节奏蓝丝绒」
10.Lavanda 选自「重击峡谷」
11.Pealas 选自「玫瑰香诱惑」
12. Novelty of girls 选自「淑女夜间会客室」
13. Juliet's love and death 选自「欧洲幻想曲」
14. Csardas Hungarian Dance 选自「交响情人梦」
15. Spring 选自「福尔摩沙四季」

231-VA-Heat Is On 2005

VA-Heat Is On 2005

Audio Cd
New Age

01. Early Morning Snowfall 选自《晨曦》
02. March with Me 选自《如梦似幻》
03. Sherpa 选自《女巫医3》
04. Sunny 选自《七月九日天气晴》
05. Song of the Stars 选自《女人歌》
06. The Phantom of the Opera 选自《情定百老汇》
07. Innocent Tracks 选自《白紫》同名专辑
08. Yesterday 选自《乘着吉他的翅膀》
09. Dance 选自《星光旅人》
10. Skidoo 选自《雨精灵》
11. Surrender 选自《街角的蓝月光》
12. Breathe 选自《丛林森呼吸》
13. Preparation 选自《听见时间之泉》
14. Green breeze 选自《清风道》
15. Wild is the Wind 选自《蓝调情人夜》
16. Aftermath 选自《走进心海》
17. Here Comes My Best Friends《光影情怀》

258-VA-Heat Is On 2003

VA-Heat Is On 2003

Audio Cd
New Age

01 - Beach taken
02 - own lullaby
03 - silence of snow selected
04 - Lady in the camps
05 - Paradiso
06 - miss carried by the wind
07 - Awakening
08 - Mar Vertical
09 - set sail
10 - Bad Boy
11 - Violin goddess
12 - Mita Luo song
13 - how things, on how selected
14 - empty
15 - Blue children's new toys
16 - Boliviana
17 - selected

302-VA-Heat Is On 2002

VA-Heat Is On 2002

Audio Cd
New Age

1. Mystica 秘密
2. Carmen Rouge 卡門口紅
3. Through Your Eyes 情人眼中
4. Longing for Ardour 天慾
5. Stone Cottage 石屋
6. Time on Earth 沙河之歌
7. It might as well as Spring 就像是春天
8. Overture˙Seashore of Motherland 序曲‧記憶中的海岸
9. Angel Voices 天使之聲
10. Nostalgia 思鄉選自
11. At the Wooden Bridge 木橋上
12. Debi llorar 我應該哭的
13. Mountain Mist 山林迷霧
14. Autumn Leave 秋葉
15. Fields of Home 家園
16. As my Heart Desires 心靈渴望

290-VA-Heat Is On 2001

VA-Heat Is On 2001

Audio Cd
Genero: New Age

1. Through the Arbor
2. Beauty and the Beast
3. Dreamcatcher
4. The Journey
5. Cuchulainn
6. Monsoon
7. Introduction
8. Ajde Jano
9. Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring
10. So the Wind won’t Blow it All Away
11. Road to Doneghal
12. We All Fall in Love Sometime
13. Tir Aur- The Golden Land
14. Cinema Paradiso
15. Tales of the Harbormaster
16. The Blessing

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289-VA-Heat Is On 2000

VA-Heat Is On 2000

Audio Cd
New Age

1.Stella maris
3.A woodland night
4.Ancient souls
5.Un monde heureux
6.Noublie jamais
7.Midnight walk
8.A storyteller remembers
9.A woman‘s touchg
10.Vue sur mer
11.Scarborough fair
12.High flying
13.The value of life
14.Smoke gets in your eyes
15.What a difference a day made
16.Flight of the windhorse

280-VA-Heat Is On 1999

VA-Heat Is On 1999

Audio Cd
New Age

1.The Wind Of Change
3.Games We Noble Fools Play 
4.Concerto Visanto
5.Mon Coeur Est Un Violin
6.Indian Dreams
7.The Irish Opera
9.The Sentimental Touch
10.Ready For The Storm
11.Tropical Mood
12.Forrest Gump
13.Road In The Green
15.Ei Condor Pasa
16.Morning Aire

01-Kotaro Oshio-Starting Point

Kotaro Oshio-Starting Point

Audio Cd
New Age

10.The Third Man Theme
11.Komorebi(cinema version)12.HARD RAIN(TYPE:D)

Yuriko Nakamura-Lovers

Yuriko Nakamura-Lovers

Audio Cd
New Age

1.Missing U [Aroma de Verano]
2.Todos en el tema [in]
3. Quiero ver a [Stairway to Heaven]
4.Desde el principio hasta ahora [Sonata de Invierno]
5.De piano de mamá [Primavera]
6.Recuerde que [algo sucedió en Bali]
7.Si [Beautiful Days]
8.Tu sonrío [gutseeora vie]
9.Tiempo escondido [I'm sorry, Te amo]
10.¿Cómo me [Autumn Tale]
11.Una y otra vez Prologue [Sad Love Story]
12.Amor legendario [singwigongja]
13.Los amantes (amantes) [ohrijinalgok Album

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Tim Janis–An American Composer In Concert

Tim Janis–An American Composer In Concert

Audio Cd
New Age

1.Cape Elizabeth
2.The Fallen Leaves of Autumn
3.Ocean Mist
4.Half Moon Bay
5.The Edge of September
6.Pacific Wind
7.Menemsha Harbor
8.Light on the Moon
9.Sea Rose
10.Music of Hope
11.Twin Lights
12.White Mountains
13.Blue Hill Bay
15.Cry of the Blue Whale
16.Water’s Edge
17.Ocean Heights
18.Flowers in October
19.Amazing Grace

279-Tim Janis–Along the Shore of Acadia

Tim Janis–Along the Shore of Acadia

Audio Cd
New Age

1.Eagle Lake
2.Mount Desert Island
3.Tribal Land
4.First Light
5.Wind Song
6.Nighy Walk
7.The Rushing Wings of Dawn
8.Flying Mountain
9.Cranberry Islands
11.Shadow Spirit
13.White Moon
14.Spirit of the Sun

276-Tim Janis–December Morning

Tim Janis–December Morning

Audio Cd
New Age

1.High Sierra
2.Somewhere Still The Rose
3.Falls Ridge
4.Evening Sky
5.In Quiet Fields
6.Horizon Of Stars
7.December Morning
8.Canyon Winds
9.A Winter’s Portrait
10.Mountain Wildflower
11.Half Dome
12.Mirror Lake
13.Tenaya River
14.Between Earth And Sky

240-Tim Janis–Flowers In October

Tim Janis–Flowers In October

Audio Cd
New Age

1.Isles of Shoals
2.Cathedral of the Pines
3.Cry of the Blue Whale
4.A Midnight Full of Stars
5.The White Mountains
6.Ocean Ledges
7.Harvest Moon
8.Penobscot Trail
10.Mountain Road
11.Echo Lake
12.Dandelion Star
13.Flowers in October
14.In Autumn Gold

278-Tim Janis–American Horizons

Tim Janis–American Horizons

Audio Cd
New Age

2.On The Golden Tide
3.The Rocky Mountains
4.Ocean Of Diamonds (Piano Reprise)
5.Summer`s Glory
6.Hillside Meadow
7.Blue Hill Bay (Piano Reprise)
8.Sweet Wild Rose
9.American Horizons
10.Flying Mountain (Piano Reprise)
11.Windswept Starry Night
12.Upon The Wide Open Plains
13.Cry Of The Blue Whale (Piano Reprise)
14.The Golden Days Of Summer

227-Tim Janis - Water Edge

Tim Janis - Water Edge

Audio Cd
New Age

1.Water’s Edge
2.Star Island
3.Twin Lights
4.Moonlight On The Sea
5.Seascape New
6.Watch Hill
7.The Carousel
9.Forever Will Follow
10.Nubble Light New
11.Looking Seaward
12.For You Alone New
13.Cape May
14.Point Reyes

Tim Janis–A Thousand Summer

Tim Janis–A Thousand Summer

Audio Cd
New Age

1.Morro Bay
2.A Thousand Summers
3.For Only A Moment
4.Cape Ann
5.Star Island (piano reprise)
6.Oak Bluffs
7.Grand Lake
8.September (piano reprise)
9.Alton Bay
10.Once In Time
11.Wildwood Crest
12.Ocean Isle
13.For You Alone (piano reprise)
14.Lighthouse Point

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255-1072-Peace of Mind Music - Oasis of Bliss

Peace of Mind Music Oasis of Bliss

Audio Cd
New Age

1.George Skaroulis - Numinous 5:33
2.Qi Gang & Chang Jing - Timeless 3:44
3.Back To Earth - Heart Over Mind 3:25
4.Karunesh - Stargazing 5:29
5.Danny Wright - Missing 3:58
6.2002 - Valley Of Healing Waters 5:16
7.Frank Steiner Jr. - Touching Silk 3:35
8.Frank Steiner Jr. - Luna 4:01
9.2002 - Even Now 4:14
10.Hilary Stagg - Beyond The Horizon 3:26
11.Karunesh - Moon Temple 05:48
12.Debbie Danbrook - Pearl 03:11
13.George Skaroulis - The Calling 4:59

78-Noella Shining-Cloud

Noella Shining-Cloud

Audio Cd
New Age

1.Lacroix Island in the Fog (Feat.May Second)
2.The Love of the Thousand Years
3.Last Dance (Feat.May Second)
4.On A Shiny Day
5.Red Bossa
7.Agnus Dei

77-Pregnancy 2009

Pregnancy 2009

Audio Cd
New Age

1.Angel Falls 7:50
2.Expectation 6:50
3.New Beginnings 5:32
4.Peaceful Moments 7:38
5.Rainbow 4:26
6.White Butterfly 3:05
7.The Magic of Life 13:40
8.Wandering 10:11

86-Romantic Sax Vol.3 - CD2

Romantic Sax Vol.3 - CD2

Audio Cd
New Age

1.Fausto Papetti - My way
2.Henri Mancini - Pink panter theme
3.Soundscape UK - The closer I get to you
4.Fausto Papetti - Love story
5.Rick Kelly as Soul Ballet - She rides
6.Bill Evans - Matter of time
7.Everette Harp - There is still hope
8.Fausto Papetti - I left my heart in San Francisco
9.Gil Ventura - Une belle historie
10.Kim Waters - Visions of love
11.Sam Taylor - Ima wa shiwasekai
12.Fausto Papetti - How deep is your love
13.Ernestine - Careless whisper
14.James Last - The seduction
15.Fausto Papetti - Do you think I'm sexy

84-Romantic Sax Vol.3 - CD1

Romantic Sax Vol.3 - CD1

Audio Cd
New Age

1.Spectrum - How am I supposed
2.Fausto Papetti - Laura
3.Eric Mariental - Understanding
4.Candy Dufler - Sunday afternoon
5.Fausto Papetti - Laras theme
6.Paul Desmont - To say goodbye
7.Vangelis - Love theme from Blade runner
8.Brancaster Studio Orchestra - Careless whisper
9.Fausto Papetti - Reality
10.Joshoa Redman - Tears in heaven
11.Ray Conniff - Beautiful love
12.Klaus Doldinger - How intensitive
13.Fausto Papetti - Theme from paradise
14.Lalo Shiffrin - Dim
15.Brian Smith - Stardust

301-Jeanette Alexander-Open Sky

Jeanette Alexander-Open Sky

Audio Cd
New Age

1.Setting Sail
2.Common Ground
3.Upon Your Return
4.The Road to Caernarvon
5.Because of You
7.When I See You
8.Out of the Blue
9.Full Moon Circle
10.New Friends
11.Letting Go
12.Shadow of the Sun

251-Yuriko Nakamura-The Place to Return

Yuriko Nakamura-The Place to Return

Audio Cd
New Age

1.Nonano Hoshi
2.Ano Bashokara
3.Road To Hometown
4.Japanese Title
5.The Place To Return
6.Blue on Green
9.Last Fascination
10.The Rain Has Gone
11.Fly To A Heavenly World
12.Japanese Title

250-VA - 1137 - Peace of Mind Music Vol.2 (Peaceful Mind)

VA - Peace of Mind Music Vol.2 (Peaceful Mind)

Audio Cd
New Age

01. Back To Earth - Children Of Hope (02:20)
02. Zen Garden - The Secret Place (07:10)
03. Gandalf - A Seagull's Tale (06:27)
04. Frank Steiner Jr. - Lung Ta (08:09)
05. Kevin Kern - Fairy Wings (04:29)
06. Qi Gang & Chang Jing - Blueness (04:23)
07. Tim Wheater - Dark Falls The Night (03:48)
08. Buedi Siebert - The Light Dance (06:45)
09. Kevin Kern - Ancient Guardians (05:03)
10. Karunesh - Ancient Voices (05:19)
11. 2002 - Bliss (04:07)

249-VA - Peace of Mind Music Vol.1 - Calling Wisdom

VA - Peace of Mind Music Vol.1 - Calling Wisdom

Audio Cd
New Age

01. Tim Wheater & David Lord - Contemplation (04:48)
02. Kevin Kern - Softly Falling (04:21)
03. Karunesh - For The Joy Of It All (06:21)
04. Debbie Danbrook - Water & Light (04:16)
05. Gandalf - Peaceful Heart (04:28)
06. Qi Gang & Chang Jing - Love (04:27)
07. Kevin Kern - Blossom On The Wind (05:39)
08. Karunesh - Hearing You Now (06:48)
09. Ben Leinbach - Khumjung (12:15)
10. Buedi Siebert - Lotus Call (Part 2) (02:50)

domingo, 24 de enero de 2010

70-VA - Time To Say Goodbye (2009) - CD2:

VA - Time To Say Goodbye (2009)

Audio CD
New Age

01. Secret Garden - You Raise Me Up 05:04
02. Sarah Mclachlan - Angel 04:31
03. Diana Krall - Cry Me A River 05:06
04. Ronan Keating - When You Say Nothing At All 04:19
05. Jamie Cullum - What A Difference A Day Made 05:10
06. Beth Rowley - Angels Flying Too Close To The Ground 03:53
07. Bryn Terfel - The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face 03:48
08. Gwyneth Herbert - Every Time We Say Goodbye 02:42
09. Russell Watson - Nessun Dorma 04:28
10. Connie Fisher - Somewhere 02:22
11. Andrea Ross - Moon River 03:09
12. Shane Hampsheir - Home 03:47
13. Will Martin - Going Home 04:25
14. Jonathan Ansell - Who Wants To Live Forever 04:17
15. Pete Du Pon - He Was A Friend Of Mine 03:21
16. Blake - God Only Knows 03:06
17. Melissa Elliotte - Come Away With Me 03:16
18. Lizz Wright - Old Man 03:41
19. The Choirboys - Tears In Heaven 04:07
20. Louis Armstrong - What A Wonderful World 02:18

70-VA - Time To Say Goodbye (2009) - CD1

VA - Time To Say Goodbye (2009)

Audio CD
New Age


01. Andrea Bocelli Con Te Partiro - Time To Say Goodbye 04:13
02. Eva Cassidy - Over The Rainbow 05:01
03. Elton John - Candle In The Wind 03:50
04. Girls Aloud - Ill Stand By You 03:46
05. Madeleine Peyroux - Youre Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You 03:25
06. Katherine Jenkins - Hallelujah 04:48
07. Faryl Smith - Amazing Grace 04:02
08. Donny Osmond - You Are So Beautiful 02:59
09. Lesley Garrett - Youll Never Walk Alone 04:23
10. Jackson 5 - Ill Be There 03:58
11. All Angels - Send In The Clowns 04:36
12. Fron Male Voice Choir - Abide With Me 03:31
13. Only Men Aloud - All By Myself 04:01
14. Michael Ball - Something Inside So Strong 04:41
15. Aled Jones - The Rose 03:25
16. Triniti - Fields Of Gold 03:38
17. Marc Dillon - Youre Beautiful 03:31
18. City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra - Sorry Seems To Be 05:02
19. Hayley Westenra - Both Sides Now 03:43
20. Nina Simone - Feeling Good 02:55

82-Kitaro - Mizu ni Inorite

Kitaro - Mizu ni Inorite

Audio Cd
New Age

1.Mizu Ni Inori Te
2.Light of the Spirit
4.Shizuku No Mai
5.Nagare No Naka De
6.Voice of the Wind
7.Theme from Silk Road

83-Mikael Nordfors - Lux Eterna

Mikael Nordfors - Lux Eterna

Audio Cd
New Age

1.Lux Eterna 5:48
2.The Fiddler 3:57
3.The Fiddler's Funeral March 4:59
4.I Am Waiting 3:05
5.I Will Be Walking Through Silent Skies 6:10
6.You Are Wonderful 17:09
7.Ballade Of The Clouds 5:55

88-Masaji Watanabe - Piano Garden

Masaji Watanabe - Piano Garden

Audio Cd
New Age

1.Sunlight Filtering Down Through The Trees
8.Morning Dew
9.Fallen Leaves
12.Apres Un Reve

99-Masaji Watanabe - Miyabi II

Masaji Watanabe - Miyabi II

Audio Cd
New Age

1.Spring Breeze Waltz
2.Colored in Spring
3.Morning Haze
4.Lingering Summer
5.Letter from Home
7.Brilliant Sea
8.Whispering Stars
9.Sunbathing Listen
10.Footsteps of Winter
11.Homeward Bound
12.In the Icy Rain
13.Distant Winds, Distant Bells